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Hey there, I made Taleship! I hope you love it.



Back to the Past

WP: You did it, you discovered time travel. Ignoring all warnings and common sense, the first thing you do is travel back 20 years intent ...

Johnny and the CIA

Hi, my name is Johnny. Some people would say i have a less... normal life than others. I was hired as a CIA agent and ...


Obstacles. Which are none, when the willpower is truly there. > Testing blockquotes. ​

What are you doing?

This story is marked as 18+ (adult). Click the title to view.


> Everyone on Earth is assigned a number indicating their importance in worldly events. The lower the number the more important the person. These numbers ...

Tale Of A Far Land

I always had a dream, a land beyond ours. A land of mysterious beings and a sky filled with stars and moons. That being said ...

A pirate and his ponytail

My eyes followed the man as he hopped on the ground, leaving his ship for the first time in 6 months.

C3Tec Story

# Once upon a time, in a place called C3Tec... Había una nina unica que se llamaba Valeria. Nadie sabia mas de ella exepto su ...


Habia una vez en c3tec... Toda la luz se fue por 8 mes y c3tec perdio todo su dinero y cerraron. COMMMMMMOOOOO no puede ser ...

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